International choral assemblies
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In 2025, Yekaterinburg will once again host the participants of the 8th International Сhoral Assemblies "EURASIA CANTAT".


International Choral Assemblies
From May 1 to May 4, 2025, the capital of the Urals, Yekaterinburg, invites you to take part in the VIII International Choral Competition-Festival. The competition is open to amateur, educational and professional choirs.
We will be glad to welcome choirs from Europe and Asia in the competition categories and festival concerts. The competition and festival concerts will be held in the best halls of Yekaterinburg.
Welcome to Yekaterinburg!
A recently closed city for foreign citizens to visit, Yekaterinburg is the city of the last Russian tsar and the first Russian president, and today it is hospitably open to all inhabitants of the planet.
The city is famous not only for its developed industry, but also for its rich cultural traditions: theaters, museums, higher educational institutions, concert and exhibition halls, cultural and sports complexes. Walking through the historical center of the city, you will be able to get in touch with the past and present of the city. And also to discover Russia, which has absorbed the features of the original Ural cultures. To see the famous Kasli casting, which has no analogues in the world.

Choirs of various categories, vocal ensembles from Yekaterinburg and other regions of Russia, near and far abroad are invited to participate in the assemblies.

Amateur and educational creative teams from various cultural and educational institutions can take part in the assemblies.
All transportation costs, accommodation and meals during the competition-festival and stay in the Russian Federation are borne by the collective.
All participating groups are required to stay in Yekaterinburg during the period of the competition-festival, indicated in the invitation of the Organizing Committee, and take part in public concerts that will take place within the framework of the competition-festival.
The organization of the excursion program is carried out for an additional fee.
By their application for participation, the collectives agree to the terms of the EURASIA CANTAT International Choral Assemblies.
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